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A new production line to be put into operation

A new production line for auto parts casting was put into operation in new factory located in Liangcheng industry park on April 1, it is expected to produce 50,000 tonnes of ductile iron and grey iron casting products per year. Wang Xiuhai,  Chairman of the Group, hosted the opening ceremony. 

The company is engaged in metal casting, machine tool parts production, auto parts processing , precision machinery manufacturing, and has 9 casting production lines, more than 30 kinds of mechanical equipment related to casting, grinding, processing, surface treatment, etc., more than 400 sets in total, including 60 sets of four-axis machining center (CNC) and 2 sets of digital special machines designed with double main axle boxes, more than 300 precision machining equipments and metering, physics, chemistry and inspection facilities.

More than 40 years experience in casting industry field, with 60 experienced technical engineers and 800 skilled workers, the company’s goal is to leverage its first-mover advantage in this field to support global low-carbon economic development.

Being one of major suppliers of vehicle components for automobile factroies spreaded all over the world, including FAW, FOTON, SINOTRUK, SANY, etc., the company is commited to offer high quality products with competitive prices and excellent service worldwide, and focus on creating high value for customers.

SITC possesses a senior engineering technical team with special skills and rich experience for over 40 years in product design, casting, and machining fields. It has special technology and skill to solve and handle special material, special structure, special defect and special processing.

Advanced testing equipments in the industry, and strict quality control system, to ensure SITC constantly, stably to provide high-quality products for customers. The company profoundly recognizes that future competitiveness of this industry lies in advanced core technology innovation ability, excellent quality performance, scientific and systematic enterprise management, ect. Therefore, over these years, SITC keeps making self-promotion continuously, learning mature experience of company development from Germany and other European enterprises to make breakthrough in the area of core technology, scientific, standardized and automated management mode. Accumulation of experience, precipitation of technology and respect for customers make SITC gains recognition and respect from customers. Not only does SITC get continuous orders, but also 100% trust from customers as well.

Adhering with concept of better servicing customers, SITC proposed business philosophy of “Environmental Casting and Intelligent Production” in the overall design of new plant, in order to build up itself to be the advanced factory of full-automation, intelligent and unmanned management.

Post time: Dec-13-2022